Hsiao-Lan Rodgers is an artist, free verse poet and author.

An obstacle in life has taken me on the journey of art; where I have found another passion and a way to embrace creativity.

With absolute freedom, I am the creator, the observer, the speaker and the listener.


All acrylic pouring creations are made by using various poured-acrylic techniques; the process does not require paintbrushes and generally takes several weeks to complete.
I constitute my own recipe of pouring medium. With a strange appreciation for imperfections, depending on the piece, there are moments I would offer it a smooth-finished surface, or purposely create ripples, bumps and cracks; all existence have its own purpose. 

Permanent marker illustrations; a form of intricate artwork based on spontaneously chosen, made dots, shapes and lines. It begins with a little seed of thought, without any firm planning, eventually it will be what it is meant to be. 

Artist signature is signed on the back of the art piece, with or without a title. The intention is to offer complete freedom to people, in terms of hanging up the artwork the way it speaks to the person specifically. If the artwork speaks to one's soul when it is being looked at upside down, perhaps hanging it upside down would be an amazing choice. 

Every single piece made, is completely personal. For the rest, it is simply an opportunity to contemplate, to connect to, or simply feel understood.

Do not analyze. What you perceive from these creations is merely a mirror; what reflects on you is your own truth and reality.

Documenting this human experience, one paint drop, one word at a time.

THANK YOU for the attempt of accepting all artworks and I as what/who we are.




Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

          For All Inquiries: rodgershsiaolan@gmail.com


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