For All Inquiries:


71. Shadow by Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

The unfamiliar attachment is senseless

A copycat with no face, no life

Why ponder?

It is only darkness follows existing light

70. Drawing A Blank by Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

Alphabets formed a tornado

Took away the structures built

Shattered punctuation marks escaped the disaster

But current status remains unknown

Gazing into emptiness in the surroundings

Really nothing to see at all

69. A New Game by Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

The late arriving stars that covers the sky

Disappeared when the light sensor detected me

A new game with the sensor

On and off to obtain a glance of stars

Turning it off is not an option

Assistance of light is needed for the next inhalation

68. Reading Poems by Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

Reading poems for a journey

Unintentionally open up a new jar of wonders

When the closed-book appear

The realizations made will all turn into vapor

67. The Forgottens by Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

The bag on the public bench

The drink left on the counter

The seedling got blown away into the rock pile

Where have all the forgottens gone to in this world

66. Celebration by Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

A crowd joined together for merging loneliness

Since laughters and excitement rule the place

Speak quietly now

Do not wake up the wound that has fallen asleep

The small drop of blood on the floor is inconsequential

Exhausted observer drowning in free-flowing happiness

Oxygen is critically low

65. Full Acceptance by Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

The quiet arrivals with complete presence  

Recognize in this reality

Weirdness is intriguingly normal

64. Sinister by Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

Sinister little grain of sand

Holding a secret agenda

Freely gliding in the wind

Landing any where it likes

The cut on the skin

The eyes for seeing

Never stop plotting its next mission

63. Pretend by Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

A considered unnecessary act
Countless trials have been done anyway
Presently the moon still see all as bare
No attempt to accept any words


62. Dream State by Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

Brought here in a dream

A big room with four white walls

One large window

A humble wooden desk

A cylinder pen holder

One pen; one pencil

A fold-out chair

A reading lamp

A mattress on the floor with a thin blanket

A small, narrow closet

The blinding sunlight coming through the window glass brought on the finale

An amazing, unexpected contentment

What is still uncertain is my return

I guess I am staying for the time being


61. The Other Self by Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

Taking a stroll through memory
Twisting the universe
Meeting the self in the past
Ask some odd questions
Say sorry that sadness is completely reasonable

Talking to the self back in time



60. Night Time Travel by Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

Frazzled thoughts went flying
Perhaps the reason of travelling will never be found
Without a clear understanding
Tossing imaginary words at all the unforgettables
Night time travelling
What an evening



59. Tiny Wooden Stick by Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

A tiny wooden stick that makes fire

The heart skips a beat when it is lit

A short duration of life

The smell of the smoke waves goodbye

Once a genius creation

Such a long time ago

Now a lonely fascination


58. Another World by Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

Old stories held by shaky hands
The present appears to be a mirage
Watching the world spinning frantically
Where the leaf will land is the wind’s decision
How the water travel is not under anyone's control
Which world is being looked into currently
They are chaotic mutually


57. Why Can't I By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

If the purpose of losing something

Is to gain certain something new

Why can't I simply call it an exchange?


56. Gathering By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

All souls who carry the love cannot be afforded

Gathered together for an opportunity

Making peace as the universe may have hoped

Naive consciousness is the conductor

With heartache as its assistant

For the old souls remain

And the new ones participating


55. Bird By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

A forest dwelling bird

In an expensive and mysterious place

Journeying without a map

No ability to consider the destination

Paradise is too far to see from such great heights

Being lost occasionally is merely a norm

The only transformation proceeding is within the bird

Meanwhile the forest remains lush green

The sky is just as blue as it should be


54. Temporary Solution By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

No writing pen has the capability to handle

The amount of words urged to be expressed

Therefore I eat my words for nourishment

As a temporary solution


53. Horizon By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

What separate the clouds and water

Connects the sky and ocean

Spending the whole lifetime walking toward it without rest

All that unintentionally brushed by the shoulders

Everything that consciously left behind

Also what have been unnoticeably and accidentally discarded

What connects the thoughts to another

It is not the horizon that travels along my timeline


52. Infatuation By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

Passionately drawn to red

Must be a colour from the previous life

A powerful magnetic field formed somehow

Fascination for red


51. Refusal By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

The informal refusal from the wind

Gently offering it to the clouds

Floating away toward the horizon

While the sun is not in sight

The happening remains a fact