For All Inquiries:


50. List By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

A list of words in the brain

Goes on elaborating emotions

Soaking it all in

Just who is having all the fun telling

Secrets no one dares to care for

Discarded words make another list

Told to hold them as a servant


49. Doors By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

Doors opened and closed

Who is making it all happen?

Pausing for as long as it takes

Even for a lifetime

The destined door will not alter

For whoever is making such decision  

How was the plan made on one’s behalf?


48. The Eye Of A Tornado By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

Mesmerized by the artificial lights

While a tornado passing through the mind

Still found the calmest place to be

Observing every wild movement

From the eye of a tornado

Watching it all go by


47. The Way It Is By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

No brainer

It is simply how it is

From every tiny thing in life

To anything that we made gigantic

Making assessments

Reasons and intentions

The list goes on

And time has came and gone


46. Glass Heart Urban Legend By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

Its death was informally documented

Shattered pieces reflecting the blinding light

Time decided to take a pleasant stroll

The odd sinking feeling is real

Every breath conducted by reminders

So it must be true

The glass heart urban legend

Since the hands are shaking invisibly

And the world is made with different shades of grey

45. Private Property By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

The surrounding keeps on evolving

With or without attention

Internal anguish

Is strictly a private property

It has no influence on the unfoldings

44. Short Stay By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

Quiet arrival as mist in the air

Noted, but could hardly be seen

Silently disappearing in some shadow

Current location unknown

43. Runaway Conscious By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

Conscious runs toward the horizon

Away from being present

Beloved survival instincts

Life is grand due to pretending continuously

If suddenly time becomes a sentient being

Now or later

After many trials and errors

Much heartbreaks and tears

As hoped and ready to die for

Conscious shall be captured and returned

42. Lovely Home By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

A place called lovely home

It is not on the map

I heard it does not need walls


Someone once told me

Paradise is called lovely home

It exists anywhere created


What a lovely home

Sounds magical

So does a fascinating fairy tale

41. Any Minute Now By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

If this is allowed

Any minute now

Daily wishful thinking

Moments of disorientation

Bravery’s short stay

All will be released with each exhalation

Wonderers who carry curiosity

Be passionate for being fearless

Love the fall that may bring bloody cuts

Any minute now

The arrival of authenticity of the heart

40. Tour By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

The flowers on the side of the road

Have been destroyed by careless minds

Dark clouds are rolling in

Refusing to rain like a tease

The environment granted a tour

For wonderers whom search for ones

With rising urge to comprehend unfolding

Somehow hands offered are not taken

In this incredible world

Most too busy carrying hesitation and concerns

39. Games By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

Another round of another game

Too long since the last attendance

Foolish mind rushes into participation

Lost count on the days

Complete contentment is fully present

Tired of playing

No more games

38. Seeker By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

As a seeker on an indefinite journey

For ones with appreciation for the unfoldings


The same piano solo piece being played repeatedly

As the proof of loving repetition

It is brand new every single time it has been heard

Nothing is ever the same

From moment to moment


In this incredible world

Hands offered are not taken

All too busy managing hesitations and worries

Piano solo dissolves into the background

Lack of listeners

Repetition no longer matters


Simply being a seeker

37. A Moment With Purple Hue By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

The rumor has spread

The warming sun is weakening

The glorious moon will soon bring unacceptable sorrow

How is thriving possible

How does forgiveness find its way

Merely an observation of the sky

With beautiful purple hue from above

36. Sleepless Night By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

Twirling thoughts attempt to form a creation

Images passing by like a slideshow

Slowly, one by one

When the old projector gets stuck

The show pauses at one image

Sometimes two

Chosen by the accident

Turning into a wormhole

Abducting the mind

Closing-eye mission failed

Influenced by the absence of the mind

35. The Worthy Truth By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

The beauty of truth is terrifying

Such old news

And while globally

Souls are passing, new ones are arriving

Who is standing

Who is hiding

Consider the ability to cry is a blessing

If it can still be remembered that how it is done

Fading will not be like a cup of comforting, poisoned hot tea

An individual may still tell the worthy truth

Even the tiniest matters

If there is a listener offers to be fully present

Absolutely nothing is insignificant

34. Gardening By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

A day for gardening

Pulling out the roots of suffering

For certain that

Love will simply be

Upon completion

All beings embrace life in harmony

Such desire-based task

Hence the weeping

33. Appreciation By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

How could it be silly or pointless

Simplicity has given strength and happiness

To carry on for the rest of the day

The boldness is offering appreciation in return

The smallest things

As insignificant as they may seem

32. Words By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

Words that make no sense

Keep coming and going

Some leave in a hurry and some stay

For a short period of time or for life

Most can easily be found in a dictionary

But lost all the meanings when being placed in life

No plan on rephrasing anything

Simply being with the words given

Unkind or sweet

Another moment shared in this lifetime

31. Dear Ones By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

Dear ones who have crossed path

Thank you for the short stay

Or a deep connection that remains

Regardless the types of impact created

Love what comes along the way

Stop judging time and treating it as a monster

A hatred

A sweet gesture  

Cherish this experience of being human

With modesty and acceptance

30. Ignorance By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

The hypothesis is

Withering by words is possible

Forgiveness may be necessary

As resentment might visit


Before reaching theory

Ignorance stored in this ceramic masterpiece

Weighs like a gigantic boulder

Being carried around willingly


Personal attempt is to travel light

No interest in any kind of masterpiece

29. Mother Nature's Adoption By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

A rescue team has been sent for my disappearance


My given name has been yelled out repeatedly


I chuckled while hiding behind this old tree


My new name is Missing Person


This is just an adoption orchestrated by Mother Nature

28. The Greatest By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

Inward kindness

Treated as an impossible mission

Phantom guilt for self enquiries

Among obligations and responsibilities

Giving sends most of the time away

Loving accidentally becomes an excuse

Voluntarily carrying outsourced weight

Sprinkling dust on amazing intentions and gestures

Every mistake made

As a seed that is never rootless

A flower bulb that is never incomplete

Grounding by looking inward

Kindness to self as the first step to love unconditionally

Spreading outward from within by manufacturing strength

Nothing at all to forgive

All is absolutely perfect as is

As thriving takes its place

Every moment is how it is meant to be

27. The Now In Time By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

Now has been lost in time

As petty as second’s existence may seem to be

It has always been an arrival and a departure

One second at the time

Goes on and repeats itself

There is no chance to greet

No opportunity to say goodbye

Just in this second

Or maybe the next

The now that is humbly earned

Travelling both directions

With compassion and love

Through the eyes as the entrance to the soul

And another second went by

26. Reflection By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

The person in the mirror is a stranger

A reflection of the physical body

A temporary home for a soul

The invisible armor worn

Among all success and failures

Attract applause and respect

The tears and sweats out of sight

Do not belong to the one in the mirror but mine

Secretly remaining as a lone seeker

Not adventurous yet fearless

Walking the path with trembling legs

Put on a smile for strength validation

For most who only see the stranger

25. Mr. Moon By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

The far away desire

A performance offered

While the piano plays itself

As I look up to you

Mr. Moon

Fly me away

For the sake of such attempt

24. Entrapment By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

Intertwined shades of blue

Have the caressed moon falling into nothingness

Paralysis disguised as comfort

Repetition becomes failures

Self-built entrapment  

Just another imaginary quicksand

23. Impatience By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

An invasion has been plotted

The arrival of disturbance and disgust

Possess no one's illusions

Away now, impatience

22. In Love By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

Admired strength’s home remains unknown

So much joy that is bland

Curious minds that carry a shadow

In love with various kinds of vulnerability

A way to locate its home

21. Trading By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

Trembling exchanged for tranquility

Closed eyes bargained for more than peace

Trade in compassion for love

Honesty for authenticity


The master in trading

Keeps on writing strategies

20. Time Lost By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

Clarity welcomed by the years awaited

While wisdom neglects to visit

Foolishness thrives

Time earned based on time lost

Vise versa

Lone explorer dwells in between

19. Mystery By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

Feisty wind created mumbling rocks   

Unable to comprehend a word

Like a game to play

Yet no one is joyful


The absence of no-self

Made sanity desirable

How do we see without a departing soul


The appearance of a blindfold

Made with solitude and compassion

Instruction states

“Stop looking with your eyes”

18. Another Day By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

A list of repetitive phenomenons  

Another day like many other days


Waking up with winter within

Returned from the journey of nothingness

Season changed by firing up the sun

Sourced from the same consciousness


Occupied by the story

Being told repeatedly

17. Dark Type Of Mind By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

Saviour desired by the breaking clouds

Once the rain starts falling from such great heights


Wingless human flies into the sky for the rescue

Tumbles down from the edge of the cliff

Repeat until sunny blue sky

I saw my dark type of mind

16. Still Waiting By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

Survival instinct is lingering

For the fragile part of life

Most likely temporarily


This presence remains

For as long as there is air to breathe


Answers are not necessary

Merely simply living


What is next

Still waiting

15. Tumbling By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

Tumbling down the hills

What a long journey


The city is busy

An efficient observer

Have yet seen everything


No stopping

I was taught to live on tumbling

14. Lost By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

Being lost in the forest

Running along with moonlight


Distracted by darkness


Makes me wanna be a nocturnal one


Offering every breath to the trees

It is supposed to be kind


No fear of being lost

Just another journey while the body rests

13. Show By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

The rewind button is a paradox trigger

The show has been on


I am the one keeping it alive

As it goes on


Another costume for another show

What is beneath the fabric will remain the same


For the show that continues on

12. Bad Host By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

Behind my eyes there is a demolition site

A long-term project for the future path

Noises and debris

Sheltering pain and weaken sight


There is something stuck in my throat

Picks up a tornado like a feather

Weighing on the neck like a large boulder

Contentment is variable


Inside the body there is a flawed structure

The invisible creator made me a servant

Disobeying commands is not optional

A wearable outdated strong suit is the only tool


This all in fact is a large banquet

Chosen to host

Ease the surrounding minds with counterfeits

Lingering around with artificial pride

11. The Burning Sun By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

As the sun attempts to burn through the haze in the sky

The teasing patches of fading blue

Offers no help to the passing wind

Shows no sympathy for the glowing sun

The invisible blood goes from orange to red


As the coffee is being sipped on

As the vehicles are being driven on the roads

All has never happened

But a reality in this strange world

10. Love Regardless By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

No seeking answers that offers no help

No creating a label for what makes us precarious


It is a shame that denial is so sweet and satisfying

Resistance becomes forever desirable  


Keep walking with all the scars that we have proudly earned  

Never once was a war

Never once was a competition


With a great amount of compassion

For every single soul that cross path

Love regardless

9. Silence By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

People are speaking with silence

Carried out from the moving lips


Dissolving into this false sense of frozen time  

Paranoid until all have been figured out


Once that moment has arrived

It is just another once-upon-a-time in life

8. Truth By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

The rumor was made that I rested in peace by flying into happiness

The belief that I was immersed in wholesomeness

Was simply a mean virus which has decided to stay for the eternity


The mysterious disappearance that seems so intriguing

Is for hiding

No worries

Not your truth to carry

7. Palace By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

The golden crops falling in between the cracks of my fingers bounce playfully

The secret is that the ones slipped out of my hands are abandoned

What has been lost

Is no one’s rescue mission

All is meant to decay

If it has already been lost


More will come to join me in this giant palace

Built by my strongest desires


The hunger lingering around at my front door

I have reserved my words

Equipped more locks

Installed additional gates


This palace will soon be a vault

Where no one can enter

Unless you have golden crops in your possession

And the desires to crave

6. Dictated Life By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

Thunder’s wrists are tied

What follows next is brontide

The length of fear measured is wide

This frantic mind has nowhere to hide

Boiling temperature burnt away my eyesight

Increased pressure silenced my last sigh

Naively thinking ocean water is kind

Rushing up is the psychopath tide

Lightning dictates thunder’s life

It also enjoys leaving it behind

For its sake now

It is a sound that does not cry

5. Sounds By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

The secret has been found

The commitment of living in harmony with all the sounds


No longer, will there be labeling of the sound


No longer, will there be any thinking of the sound


No longer, will there be any judgement toward the sound


Everything that is floating in the air

Just as real as me at the present

Simply being here right now

Enjoying the silence with all the sounds

4. Dry Land By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

Dried up twig-like fingers

Pointing at the far away water


Salvation will never come

It is busy making murders instead

3. Bedtime Story Ignorance By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

One who has never heard of a bedtime story

Recognize contentment insufficiently


The eyes were told to close

Resting state is shallow


Bedtime stories

I bet they are all sweet and loving

2. Contract By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers

If there is a contract to sign

Somehow, on my behalf


Taking away all these lies


Bit by bit

Shall disappear


Simply wishing there is a contract to sign

And I will pay the price

1. Travel By Hsiao-Lan Rodgers 

Deja vu is the betrayal from time

Placing me anywhere it likes

Life suddenly seem like a set of cheap plastic chess


Where I am currently at

It is the previous and the next

It is all mine however

Ownership of this humble life becomes

An ignorance that we argue with ourselves

Time after time


This bag of flesh will completely expire sometime

Same with yours

Again, it will also happen to mine


As life never truly ends

What exactly is reborn we wonder


Perhaps it is merely an advancement of self

One realization at a time